Lip Filler


Adds volume,
creating luscious lips

Industry leading
CE-marked lip fillers

The popularity of lip filler treatment has increased in the last few years, and as one of the most prominent facial features, this isn’t a surprise. Many clients come to medplus aesthetics seeking beautiful and natural-looking lips. Our lip enhancement procedures are a non-invasive solution to common lip complaints which include thinning, narrowing and an undefined shape.

Our lip filler injections, which involve the precise, controlled administration of hyaluronic acid solution into the lips, are one of the most prevalent procedures available at medplus aesthetics. The result is natural-looking lips that are plumped to perfection. Although to an outsider, the lip filler procedure may seem simplistic and easy, it requires an extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. You also need an ability to blend scientific expertise with a client’s needs. One of medplus aesthetics’ most notable features is our commitment to using only the best and the safest lip fillers available to provide our clients with an exceptional, safe treatment, and exquisite results.


  • Discuss lip enhancement in detail
  • Share concerns with a qualified doctor
  • Establish a tailored treatment plan
  • Calm, contemporary clinical environment
  • Quick procedure, lasting just 1 hour
  • Tailored filler quantity administered
  • No downtime, immediate recovery
  • See results in a couple of days
  • Enjoy voluminous natural-looking lips